Import of household goods

According to Panamanian regulations, Panamanian citizens can import household goods, furniture and personal belongings free of import tax, if they can proof that they have lived outside Panama for at least two years. You will be able to wave the payment of the import duty only for all your belongings up to the amount of US$25,000, any value above this will be taxed.

Applicants must send the Consulate of Panama the following documents:

1.  Proof of residency in the United States for a minimum of two years.

2.  Copy of U.S visa or permanent resident card.

3.  Proof of Panamanian citizenship: copy of passport, Panamanian ID (Cédula) or birth certificate.

4.  Attach a list of household goods that you will take with you to Panama, in Spanish, with the approximate value of each article. This letter must be signed in front of a Public Notary or in our Consular offices.

5.  The cost of the certification is $30.00 (money order or certified check made out to Consulate of Panama).

6.  Self-addressed prepaid envelope for return of documents.

7.  You will need to contact the services of a customs agent in Panama for the rest of the process. For more information please access the following link

8.   Also, according to the benefits granted under the Retiree Tourist visa (Law 9 of July 24, 1987), Panamanian residents living overseas that have retired have the right to import a motor vehicle for their personal use, free of tax (legal base, Article 536 of the Fiscal Code).