Frequently asked questions about travelling to Panama

What currency is used in Panama?

Panama is a dollarized economy. While we do have our own coins, they are worth the same as the US currency. The paper money used are US dollars.

Is panama a safe country to travel to?

Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America. However, wherever you may travel it is always important to use common sense and caution. For example, don't walk alone at night and always keep track of your personal items. 


Please see the visa requirements here. 

what is the best time of the year to travel to panama?

The best time to travel to Panama is between December and March, this is the dry season in the country and therefore the best time to visit the country's beaches. 

Are there poisonous animals in Panama?

Panama is a tropical country home to some poisonous and venemous animals, however you will probably only run into these species of you go hiking and trekking into the jungle. It is highly uncommon to come across these animals in the urban centers. 

where can i try authentic panamanian food in the united states?

As far as we know there are three authentic Panamanian food restaurants in the United States, one in Washington, D.C., "Esencias Panameñas", one in New York, and one in Texas. If you know of other panamanian restaurants please let us know by writting to 

Are there app based transportation services in panama?

Yes, in Panama you can use Uber, Cabify and Easy Taxi.  

what food should i try while i am in panama?

You should definitely have the traditional "rice and chicken", "cevhiche" and "sancocho". For more information about our gastronomy please click here

what beaches should i visit while in panama?

There are popular beaches in both the Pacific and Atlantic side of the country. Some of the most popular in the Atlantic side include the San Blas islands, Isla Colon and Isla Grande. On the Pacific side some of the options include Venao, Santa Catalina, Coronado, Playa Blanca, Buena Ventura, Taboga, Pearl Islands, and Contadora. For more information on Panama's beaches please check

what places should i visit while i am in panama?

For a full list of the places you can visit while in Panama, please visit the webpage

Are there direct flights from the us to panama?

Yes, there are 14 direct flights from the United States to Panama. These depart from: Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, New York (La Guardia), Newark, Boston, and Washington, D.C. 

who was Hands of stone/Mano de Piedra Duran?

"Hands of Stone" is the nickname of the famous Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran. You can read more about him and other famous Panamanian athletes here. 

has the panama canal expansion been finished?

Yes, the Canal Expansion was finished in 2016. To find out more about the Panama Canal, please click here.