Embassy Residence - 2601 29th Street, Northwest, Washington, DC 20008

The Republic of Panama acquired the current Residence on June 1st, 1942 from Mrs. Katherine O. Perot. The property was purchased for $110,000.00 (One Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars). At the time, Ernesto Jaen Guardia served as Panamanian Ambassador, under the administration of Panamanian President, Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia.

The Residency building was constructed in 1929 at the request of the former owner, Mr. Edward S. Perot Jr. The original architect for the building was Mr. George Ray of Washington, DC with additional work designed by Harold W. Peasley. Though the property's address was originally 2881 Woodland Drive, N.W., it was changed to 2601 29th Street, NW on July 26th, 1945, and has remained as such since then.

The Chancellery of Panama was provisionally located on the main floor of the Residency during the construction of the new two-story brick building that would house the official offices of the Embassy. The new building, which stands next to the Residency at 2862 McGill Terrace, N.W. was delivered on March 30, 1943 and the offices were promptly moved to their permanent dwellings. The original building has served as the Residency since that date.