According to PROINVEX, Panama’s Trade & Investment Agency Promotion, our country has a privileged geographical location that has allowed it to become one of the most significant logistic centers around the globe.  After Chile, Panama has the second most competitive economy in Latin America and strengthens its position as the 40th most competitive economy in the world.

tradecanalPROINVEX establishes that Panama has been improving its infrastructure through ports and airport networks in order to create an overall economic development strategy for becoming one of the major transportation hubs in the region. Panama’s financial market and its adoption of new technologies are among the highest around the world. The market continues to increase via foreign multinational corporations setting up operations in Panama.  Some of the most famous multinationals who currently have their main offices for regional operations within Panama are:  Samsung Electronics, Inc., DHL, DELL, Hutchinson Port Holding Group, HSBC, BICSA, SCOTIABANK, Assicurazioni Generali, American Life Insurance Company, among others. There are also many recognized International Organizations that have chosen Panama for their operations, including UNICEF, UNDP, OAS, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI, initials in Spanish), and the BLADEX [Latin American Export Bank].


Free Trade Agreements (12)


FTA Panama – Canada

FTA Panama – Costa Rica

FTA Panama – Chile

FTA Panama – China (Taiwan)

FTA Panama – El Salvador

FTA Panama – Guatemala

FTA Panama – Honduras

FTA Panama – Nicaragua

FTA Panama – Singapore

FTA Panama – Peru

FTA Panama – Colombia

FTA Panama- Mexico

In process: FTA Panama-Korea


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