Preferred Locations for Retirees

Panama City

cityPanama City is an affordable cosmopolitan location for those who prefer city life. With a skyline reminiscent of Miami, the high rise buildings tower above the ocean or rain forest. Panama is one of the least expensive places in the world to live in a First World City. High class restaurants, first class hotels and fast food outlets, are here for all tastes and expense.




boqueteBoquete has a perfect spring-like climate at an elevation of about 3,500 ft., with clean air, clear water, unspoiled nature and a welcoming community. Boquete offers much for the avid bird watcher, the elusive Quetzal is relatively easy to spot.

The valley of Boquete is filled with flowers and gourmet coffee plantations on its hills and at times the smell of roasting coffee sends wonderful aromas through the town. The town harbors quaint café's and restaurants, as well as shops and antique stores.

As of 2004, the town of Boquete had a population of 300 American retirees. Dozens of Americans live in the new- real estate development, Valle Escondido, an enclosed residential area which has a nine-hole golf course, convenience store, high speed internet, and many other amenities.

Pearl Islands

pearlThe Pearl Islands have managed to remain unspoiled, beautiful and virtually untouched over the years. Its water's abound with wildlife such as: sea turtles, whales, dolphins, a huge array of game fish such as marlin, tuna, wahoo and sailfish to name a few. In the jungles of the Pearl Islands you can find such wildlife as, parrots, toucans, deer, iguanas, monkeys, agouties, and anteaters.

The Pearl Islands, was also home of two seasons of the Reality TV Show "Survivor".

Bocas del Toro

bocasThis isolated region of Panama has only recently been discovered by international travelers. It is for this reason that much of the island chain remains in untouched splendor.

Located on Isla Colon is the province's capital city, Bocas Del Toro. This was the headquarters for United Fruit Company at the turn of the century and was an important shipping and receiving port.

Over the last few years the entire province has seen the beginnings of a tourist boom, with a number of middle range hotels and restaurants being opened in and around Bocas town. The town now boasts of three different PADI dive shops, many different styles of restaurants, a deep sea fishing outfit, numerous sailboat and catamaran cruises, mountain bike and moped rentals and a lot of fabulous seafood


pedasiPedasi, a small quite town in the peninsula de Azuero, known as the 'cradle' of Panamanian folklore, is the ideal place for a retiree seeking to experience the joys of small town Panama. Women sowing polleras- Panama's national dress, men working on rustic pottery, the remnants of Panama's colonial past are quite visible in this small town major historical national monuments are close by such as: The Cabildo Hous, the Santa Librada Church and the San Atanasio Church.

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