Please refer to the following table in order to contact the Panamanian Consulate which serves your state of residence:

State of Residence


District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland

Washington, D.C.


Philadelphia, PA

Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Houston, TX

Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Miami, Florida

Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

Tampa, Florida

Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

New Orleans, LA

New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island

New York, NY

California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

Long Beach, CA

All Other U.S. States

Washington, D.C.



Phone numbers and addresses of Panamanian Consulates in the United States:

1) Consulate in Washington, DC
2862 McGill Terrace , N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
(t) 202-483-1407 ext. 130
(f) 202-387-6141

2) Consulate in Philadelphia, PA
124 Chestnut St. , Suite 1
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(t) 215-574-2994
(f) 215-574-4225

3) Consulate in Houston, TX
24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1307
Houston, TX 77406
(t) 713-622-4451
(t) 713-622-4459
(f) 713-622-4468

4) Consulate in Miami, FL
5775 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 200
Miami, FL 33126
(t) 305-447-3700
(f) 305-447-4142



5) Consulate in Tampa, FL
6107 Memorial Hwy, Suite C
Tampa, FL 33615
(t) 813-242-0310
(f) 813-886-1427

6) Consulate in New Orleans
2615 Energy Centre,1100 Poydras Street

New Orleans, LA 70163
(t) 504-525-3458
(f) 504-524-8960



7) Consulate in New York, NY
1212 Ave. of the Americas, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10036
(t) 212-840-2450
(t) 212-840-2451
(f) 212-840-2469

8) Consulate in Los Angeles, CA
111 West Ocean Blvd, Suite 1570
Long Beach, CA 90802
(t) 562-612-4677
(t) 562-612-4678