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Registry of births, deaths and marriages

To register the births, deaths and marriages of Panamanians that have taken place in the United States through the Consulate of Panama, refer to the costs associated with obtaining the certificates. Please follow these steps:

Requirements abroad:

1. Send a certified copy or original birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate.
2. The certificate has to be authenticated by the Consulate of Panama in the country of origin.
3. Apostille Seals by the State Department are also valid instead of a Consular authentication.
4. Fee: $135.00 (by money order or certified check)
5. Pre-paid envelope for return of documents.

Requirements by Panamanian Civil Registry:

1. The certificate should then be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama for a $2.00 fee.
2. If the certificate is written in a language other than Spanish, it needs to be translated by a certified Panamanian translator in Panama.
3. If there is no translator in the Republic of Panama for a specific language, the applicant should present a certification from Secretaria General issued by the Ministry of Education stating that there is no translator for such a language in the national territory.
4. Birth certificate registrations must present sworn statements from both parents (Download Format Letter), before a Panamanian Notary Public, in accordance with Agreement and the Decree 6 of 2002, which states that both parents are biological parents and the registration is not based on an adoption process. When the parents are abroad, the sworn statement must be done at a Consulate of Panama or at a Notary Public and then sent to the Consulate for authentication.
5. Photocopies of Father and Mother’s Cedula and Residency letter issued by the appropriate public official where the parents reside or where the deceased Panamanian lived.
6. The birth certificate could be registered by the Father, Mother, or Grandparents. Certification of a deceased person can be registered by the wife, husband, children or any other relative. The marriage certificate can be registered by the husband or wife, father or mother of the couple.
7. When the applicant is 18 years old or more, he(she) should comply with domicile requirement in the national territory, according to what is established in our constitution (Article 9 Point 2) which is certified through a residency letter to the Panamanian parent and the applicant by the local public official and copy of the applicant’s country of origin passport.
8. All registrations can be submitted through an attorney, showing power of attorney, duly notarized or authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate.

Registration of Births in the Former Canal Zone

To register a person born in the former Canal Zone in the Vital Records Office of the Republic of Panama you must submit the following documents:

• Original Birth Certificate with Seal from the Office of Vital Records of the State Department in Washington. For information regarding Canal Zone Territory Records call: (202) 955-0307.
• The Birth Certificate then must be authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate in the USA in sequence certify the authentication at the Legal Consular Office of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in the Republic of Panama.
• Have the certified document translated to Spanish by a duly authorized Public Translator in the Republic of Panama.
• Provide a Personal I.D. (Passport, Driver’s License or any other form of valid ID) • Submit all documentation at the Administrative Office of the Foreign Vital Records and Judicial Acts of the Civil Registrar of Panama:

Jefe del Departamento de Hechos Vitales y Actos Jurídicos Ocurridos en el Exterior
Dirección General del Registro Civil, Ciudad de Panamá
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